Welcome to XerxWiki! This is a repository for the headcanons I've built up over the years. This wiki will cover headcanons for multiple properties, but will have a primary focus on Kirby and later Pokémon and Zelda.

Much of the content on this wiki is not canon to its respective sources. The wiki contains series-wide spoilers for both source materials and fan stories, the latter of which may be unpublished at time of writing. Spoilers will be marked to the best of my ability.

XerxesTexasToast is the sole editor of this wiki and it is hosted in a static webpage format. This means that all pages and categories are manually linked via hardcoded HTML and may be subject to errors of omission.

Page interactivity, such as collapsible tables of contents, have not yet been coded at this time. JavaScript-based methods of category tagging are currently being considered. I also want to create a wiki-specific logo.