Site News

September 2 2023

Got started on the secondary site theme for the wiki today! I'm really pleased with how it looks so far. I had a bit of trouble geting my browser to read my changes live, but apparently it was simply loading old caches, so I just had to hard-refresh to see my changes. Like all things on the website, it's a work in progress. For now, I focused on overall page theme structure and the most basic of basic bitch CSS so I can deal with it less once I actually get around to putting together the content. I want to see if I can cook up a cute, nonintrusive tiling background texture like other fanwikis have while settling on a slightly more different palette from the base site.

There are a lot of small quality of life features that I'd like to add to the site, like a togglable dark mode, but stuff like that requires a solid amount of coding, and I think I'd want to try a JS-based cookie to store those preferences for whenever you leave and come back. This doesn't even get into further accessibility tweaks I'd have to make. And GDPR compliance on top of it! Rest assured, if and when CSS-altering cookies are implemented, there will be a dedicated Cookie Jar page where you can see all your settings at a glance and delete them.

September 1 2023

Xerxnet has updated to Supporter status on Neocities and is officially live at! I'm so excited to start using my domain here, it makes me feel so official ^u^ It's $5/month for Neocities Supporter and another $15-ish/year for domain renewal so upkeep will be piss-easy with art commissions as needed. It's still a HUGE work in progress, but I hope to plug away at it for the foreseeable future! I always have fun ideas for stuff to add here. I just don't know where to start!

August 25 2023

Another eventful afternoon of coding. I've ultimately decided that this little Site News widget is going to have its content hardcoded on the homepage for all eternity. Alas! I do not want to have separate HTML files for every single individual little update, nor do I feel like putting in the elbow grease to figure out how to code across multiple HTML files without a server or increasingly confusing uses of fetch(). With all the content in the same document, though, I can script it to my boundless amusement and maybe even introduce pagination someday!

Oh also I went Super Saiyan Blue and made the navbar exactly how I wanted it to look with nothing but raw CSS.

August 23 2023

GOOD EVENING BITCHES! I am currently trying to pull together the basic skeleton of this website. Right now I'm working on slapping together something of a blog widget using JavaScript arrays, roughly based on the Zonelets engine, but I'm redoing the code because I'm a smug tryhard and I want them to live inside this Site News block that I've already set up. For now, this little shoutbox is gonna be hardcoded! Whoopee! I am subjected to technological horrors of my own creation!

March 2023


I really wanna work on this, especially since I just remembered I have a WorldAnvil that I would like to delete because its wiki functionality is subpar and making it better is too expensive.

  • Headcanon Wiki
  • Fanfic Crosspost? Perhaps
  • Art Gallery w/ captcha
  • About page
  • external links to things like YouTube, Ko-Fi, fanfic sites, socials, etc.